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TeleSense® provides remote solutions for grain storage and transportation monitoring.  Our products use wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide monitoring (CO2) and our software incorporates machine learning algorithms to develop actionable insights for quality preservation.

Harvesting Grain

About TeleSense

Grain once harvested, never improves in quality. So, grain storage management can be difficult.

As a grower, a cooperative or a major grain handling company, there are a lot of decisions to be made, and all of them are crucial in a business with thin profit margins. Answering questions such as when to sell grain, when to turn off fans, and how to reduce spoilage or avoid hotspots, used to rely on manual inspection or expensive temperature cable solutions.

But not anymore. TeleSense is here to help.


With TeleSense's product range, you'll never have to think about how to manage and monitor your storage again.

Multiple Commodities

We've designed our products not just for hay, wheat, barley, & canola, but also commodities such as rice, wood-chips, potatoes, hay, alfalfa, & seeds.

Multiple Storage Types

Monitor several types of storage units including bunkers, silos, grain bags and sheds

Monitoring in Transit

TeleSense products are also capable of monitoring storage units in transit such as rail, trucks and ships, with location tracking included.


Enterprise View

View, monitor and compare all your storage units across multiple sites.

Real-time Information

SMS and in-app alerts for high-risk storage, & identification of hotspots using 3D visualisation of your storage unit.


Proactive Advice

Recommendations for power saving, grain quality, and aeration management.

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