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TeleSense Spears

Fast Installation
Thanks to TeleSense CellSpear, tracking grain storage and transport is easier than ever - no need for a gateway device or external power source. 
On-the-spot data
Once Spears are inserted, they can be paired with the TeleSense app. This allows data on your commodities to be available within (TIME) of installation, and updating every (TIME) minutes, allowing you to make in the moment decisions about your storage.
Cellular Spears
The TeleSense Cellular Spear utilises Global 4G LTE mobile networks, allowing users to receive updates on commodity storage from anywhere in the world. This makes them not only ideal for use with stationary storage like bunkers & warehouses, but also when moving your commodities with transport such as trains, road transport, or on ships
Gateway Spears
TeleSense Gateway Spears operate via a LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Are Network). This allows for spears to be paired, giving users a view of multiple sites at once via low frequency transmissions. LoRaWAn also provide the ability to monitor devices that are difficult to access or out of range for wifi or cellular service, so are perfect for stationary storage such as bunkers, warehouses, or groundpiles.
TeleSense Cell-Spear


Telesense Cell SpearCell
Telesense Gateway SpearGateway
Temperature Monitoring
Moisture Monitoring
Location Monitoring -
Rechargable Battery -
Connectivity 4G LTE-M LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network)
Dimensions Available in 1m & 2m lengths Available in 2m length
Battery Life 1-2 Years 2+ Years
Primary used for monitoring Grain bags, trucks, barges, & Railcars Ground Piles, Bunkers, Flat Storages & Warehouses

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